Contingency Search

Contingency assignments operate under the “No win, No Fee” principle. Often clients will work with one or more recruitment partners to ensure full market coverage whilst generating a large pool of candidates in the quickest possible time. Our specialist focus ensures that when working on a contingent assignment, Oceanic consultants have the tools at their disposal to deliver the right candidates when you need them.

Candidates will be generated from a variety of potential sources which will include the extensive Oceanic Database, External databases, On-line advertisements, Social Networks and networking throughout the industry for referrals and recommendations.

Clients are assigned a single point of contact for each assignment. This helps to develop a clear understanding of the needs of your business, the culture within the organisation and the procedure you follow when recruiting. All of this helps us to help you, ensuring you are not sent unsuitable candidates and that your time is not spent educating the recruiter.

Fees are calculated as a percentage of the total annual salary package of the successful candidate