Career Advancement

If you’re starting to feel unchallenged in your present position, you may be ready for a promotion to the next level. If there aren’t many career advancement opportunities where you work, the best next job may be waiting for you elsewhere. Here are some strategies to help you get started.

Think Strategically – Create a vision

Create a picture of where you want yourself to be and then begin to implement a strategic plan that will enable you to reach this state. Creating a vision provides focus, a sense of purpose, and a gauge as to whether or not you are on track.

Take risks

Being a specialist may add value temporarily, but it also narrows the range of potential opportunities. Risk taking enables you to introduce value-added ideas to your company and requires you to stretch past areas of comfort and familiarity.

Don’t stagnate, even if it means leaving

Obviously, it pays to stay with your current company as long as you can move to the next level of responsibility. Making a career within one company is easier because you know them and they know you, so the trust factor is high and your employer will be readier to take risks on you. However, once you feel you are in a dead-end or do not see your next position coming anytime soon, this is probably the right time to look around for a new employer and your next role.

Be your own publicist

Someone is always noticing, whether you are at the work site, at a social function, or on a plane – You’re interviewing for your next job every day, you just don’t know what it is. So, doing it well is paramount to success.

Network, network, network!

Strengthen your personal network by joining professional organizations, attending industry conferences, or even volunteering. The more people who are aware of your strengths and abilities, the better your chances of hearing about any new opportunities that might arise.

Stay curious and up-skill yourself

Another good career accelerator is getting an additional degree. An Executive MBA can give you the knowledge you do not possess (or you missed) for your next position or grant you access to a network of people who will help you landing your next job.