Psychometric Testing

Many organisations, both large and small, have adopted various testing procedures within their recruitment processes. Oceanic Resources offer DISCUS ® (DISC Psychometric Testing System) to all of our clients. As with any assessment tool, Psychometric Testing should be used in addition to standard screening techniques and interviews and not as an independent screening tool. DISC can be used in a variety of situations. For example, if you are assessing short-listed candidates prior to appointment, appraising a key member of staff or you simply want to identify the training needs of an individual, this system can highlight areas of possible concern and underlying strengths.

Salary Guidance & Internal and External Surveys

We offer our advice and guidance when assessing salary trends. Whilst there are numerous surveys and data collated every year on global salary trends, it is impossible for any broad survey to pick up specific local market variations and fluctuations which everyone knows can change rapidly.

As a trusted intermediary we are well placed to advise on the market conditions in a given location. This knowledge enables us to ensure that candidates have realistic expectations and that clients are advised as to the local market trends at any given time.

Interview Facilities

In order to ensure complete discretion Oceanic Resources can offer interview facilities at our offices, that are easily accessible, whereby any interviews, formal or informal can be carried out ‘off-site’ in a neutral location.

Short Term Contracts

Short-term contracts are a necessity to most companies to cover staff absences, short term projects or even to trial a candidate to identify if they are suitable for the position and company. Oceanic Resources has the capabilities to supply contract personnel for such occasions utilising both our candidate database and extended network.

Graduate Trainees

Oceanic Resources International is committed to attracting, encouraging and developing high calibre fresh talent into the industry with the help of our clients. As a company, we are unique amongst our competitors by offering Graduate Trainees, fresh to the industry, FREE OF CHARGE to our clients.

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